15 March, 2006

With or Without You

The holiday travelogue resumes shortly. During this short intermission I want to follow up an earlier blog entry I made about my quest for tickets to the U2 concert. Yes, that's right, the concert that's happening this weekend. Only it isn't, because late last week the band announced that they were postponing the entire Australia - New Zealand - Japan - Hawaii leg of their Vertigo '06 tour.

Now apparently they've got a very good reason for this - a seriously ill immediate family member of one of the band - and in consideration of that I don't for a moment begrudge them their decision to postpone, but after trying for so long to obtain tickets and finally succeeding, this latest turn of events just feels like another bump in the road. The latest is that the concerts will be rescheduled for as yet unspecified dates in November. Right now that seems like a very long time away.

Until recently, a billboard near where I work displayed an advert which read something like "U2 Will Play With or Without You in Auckland on March 17 & 18. Make sure it's With." Well done to the marketing bod who came up with that one. Of course U2 won't be playing 'With or Without You' - or any other songs - in Auckland this weekend. Perhaps 'Gone' is the apposite U2 song title now?

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