24 July, 2006

Doctor Who and Shada

I'm delighted to announce that my novelisation of the lost Season 17 Doctor Who story Shada is at last available to read online.

This TSV book has been unavailable since late last year and I've since received many requests from fans wanting to read this and the other TSV 'missing Target' novelisations. Over time, the remaining four novelisations will be added to the website.

This e-book version will also appeal to those who have previously read the book as I've created a set of 'DVD-like' special features, including a chapter-by-chapter commentary detailing the various changes and additions made to the adaptation and also the variances in the book's three print editions.

Very few of my working notes survive from the previous editions of this book, so the creation of the Author's Notes section involved combing through the three print versions, the rehearsal scripts and the handwritten video transcript to identify the changes and alterations I made many years ago.

From the time that I started collecting the Target Doctor Who books (some twenty-five years ago), I decided I wanted to be a writer and to write my own novelisation of one of the stories. Shada was the realisation of this dream, and as such it is immensely satisfying to see this book finally immortalised online for all to enjoy.