19 October, 2010

Production Text Podcast

My very first podcast interview has just gone live. (I've been interviewed on the radio a few times, but never before on a podcast, though theoretically the medium's the same).

I'm interviewed by an old friend, Ian Bisset, about my work on the Doctor Who DVD production text subtitles.

I first met Ian in the early 1990s when he lived in Wellington and was a key player in the organisation of the Wellington Chapter. Ian and I fell out of contact when he emigrated to the USA later in the decade, but we've recently rekindled contact via Twitter. Ian is one half of the Cultdom Collective, a regular series of sci-fi themed podcasts with a clear bias towards all things Doctor Who. Ian asked me for an interview, and once I'd got to grips with Skype we finally recorded an hour-long session last month, at which time the DVD of Planet of Fire, featuring my first set of subtitles, had recently been released in the USA.

It's a chatty, informal interview and starts with a bit of a ramble through our mutual history before getting down to the nitty-gritty of what the production text subtitles entail and how I approach writing them.

Here's the link: