05 April, 2007

Doctor Who 301: Smith and Jones

Smith and Jones is a non-stop incident-packed opening episode, and by far the best opening episode of ‘New Doctor Who’ yet. Freema Agyeman is simply wonderful, delivering a perfectly pitched performance. When the Doctor mentions Rose, my reaction was "Rose who?" I’m pleased to see David Tennant playing the Doctor more restrained and much less hyperactive than we’ve seen previously. The shoe sequence was thankfully his one moment of over-the-top acting in the whole episode. The Judoon have a very credible motivation; it’s great to see aliens that are not 'evil' and bent on destruction or invasion. I’d like to see them return. It would have been interesting if the sonic screwdriver had stayed destroyed, at least for a few episodes. My favourite moments were the Doctor popping back into Martha's time line, and mouthing the "bigger on the inside" line as Martha views the inside of the TARDIS. I can't wait to see more!


Jamas Enright said...

Ah. I see you're not one of the "protect against spoilers" brigade. ;)

Paul said...

I personally don't consider discussion about an episode after it's aired as "spoilers". Most fans who want to see the episode will have found a way by a few days after the UK broadcast. Besides which, this is my blog, not the NZDWFC site - I'd be a lot more circumspect there for the benefit of NZ fans. :)

Joe Bloggs said...

Don't be too harsh on 'Rose' - Billie was a fantastic actress and we were all singing her praises in series one! I think the biggest problem was the way her character was written in series two (with no consistency to her character) and Billie did the best she could with the material she was given. But I do agree that it was a fantastic opener - nice to see Tennant reining in his Doctor too. :)