21 June, 2006


This week, TSV turns 19 years old.

It was in this week, back in June 1987, that with the help of Paul Sinkovich I put the finishing touches on the very first issue and sent out the first copies to a small group of fans. That issue was only 28 pages long, and was produced on a typewriter. It was a far cry from the 100 page, digitally composited issues of today. The only artwork content was MC Escher's "Castrovalva" picture on the front cover. Paul and I ran off about 20 copies on a coin operated photocopier in the freezing cold foyer of the Human Sciences building on the Auckland University campus.

Back then I hoped TSV would be a success of course, but I don't think even at our most optimistic that we ever predicted that it would still be going nearly two decades later!


David O said...

It's weird... i feel as if i know this zine intimately even though i've never read a copy! (that comes with the Fanzine Trap in old DWms, reading 'Licence Denied', the news page sidebars in current DWms and OG i guess...)

Congrats on your longevity!! :)

Paul Scoones said...


Even if you don't feel like subscribing (you really should you know; 200 readers can't be wrong...), you can still get even more 'intimate' through reading most of the first 37 issues of TSV online (and I'm currently preparing issue 38).