Vengeance on Varos

Vengeance on Varos is the second story of Season 22. It is two (double-length) episodes long and was first broadcast in the UK from 19 January to 26 January 1985. The story is written by Philip Martin and directed by Ron Jones. It stars Colin Baker (the Doctor) and Nicola Bryant (Peri). The guest cast includes Martin Jarvis (Governor), Nabil Shaban (Sil), Nicolas Chagrin (Quillam), Jason Connery (Jondar), Forbes Collins (Chief Officer), Stephen Yardley (Arak), Sheila Reid (Etta), and Geraldine Alexander (Areta).

The story was first released on DVD in 2001, one of the earliest titles in the range. It was reissued as a special edition featuring improved picture quality and an expanded set of features.

I was commissioned to write an entirely new replacement set of production information text in March 2011. I was fortunate in that I acquired a rare early version of the script, entitled Planet of Fear, which deviated significantly from the finished story. Documenting these differences provided the bulk of the material for the information text. I wrote the scripts between September 2011 and January 2012.

Excerpt from the production information subtitle script for Vengeance on Varos Part One
Vengeance on Varos was released on DVD in September 2012.

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